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VSDA News:


Sunday, Nov 7, 2004:

Two New Evaluators Added to the VSDA Team

We have recently added two new evaluators to our VSD Awards team that will improve our already dedicated group of evaluators. Assisting me (admin) with the 1st level of evaluations is Desi Quintans hailing from Australia. Be certain to have a read at Desi'" target="_blank">http://www.desiquintans.com of his talented and often humorous writing skills. From the USA we have added a veteran from the AP community, John Wilkins who is the owner of several recognised awards programs. You can read about both of these two gentlemen as well as the rest of our evaluation team at our evaluators page.

We are also pleased to announce that Ian Conklin has joined the UWSAG as an evaluator of AP's for their Index. I am looking forward to working with this group and learning even more about how the AP community works.


Saturday, Sept 25, 2004:

Important Criteria Change Notice

We have today made changes to the following aspects of our criteria:

Family Safe used to read: Our evaluators live sheltered lives and we like family safe sites that don't use inappropriate language.

Family Safe now reads: Our evaluators live sheltered lives and we like family safe sites that don't use inappropriate language. We specifically will not evaluate sites that are generally considered to be of an evil nature.

Sunday, July 25, 2004:

Important Criteria Change Notice

We have today made clarifications to the following aspects of our criteria:

Awards Pages:
We work hard to evaluate your site and when we issue an award we really like to go to your awards page and just look at it. Now if your site is brand new or you are from a design firm applying for a site you created just let us know ahead of time, we do understand, but we will still need your assurance that when you win an award it will be placed on your site in an awards section.

Copyright Notice DSQ:
We love original graphics and content. We evaluate a lot of sites each month and as such become very familiar with recurring content or images. If we discover copyright infractions including but not limited to text, scripts, graphics and images we will DSQ your application. While we no longer DSQ for not having a written copyright statement you will lose 10 points as shown in our Points Deductions above so be aware.

Copyright Notice Points Deduction:
If your website does not contain a full written copyright statement you will lose 10 points. If you use it give credit to the appropriate creator or author and get their permission and if you created it let everyone know.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004:

VSD Awards Now Rated AS!4.0

We are very pleased to announce that VSD Awards is now rated as an AS! 4.0. We at VSDA are extremely pleased with this upgrade from one of the premiere award program indexes. We are working hard to make our AP one of the best award programs on the Internet today and it is with the help of our excellent team of evaluators who have "caught the vision" that we are "here to help" that we will succeed in our goal. In particular I would like to thank Igor Marinkovic for his friendship, direction and tireless effort to make this AP better.

Sunday, June 27, 2004:

Important Criteria Change Notice

We have made a change to our Criteria that eliminates a previous DSQ. We have today changed the DSQ for horizontal scroll bars for a screen resolution of 800x600 to the larger 1024x768 screen resolution. We believe this is more equitable to web site owners and developers in today's web environment. There is still a case to be made for not having horizontal scroll bars at an 800x600 resolution so we have added that as a point deduction if it occurs. We at VSD Awards are committed to making our awards fair and consistent with the available and in use web environments and will change our criteria from time to time to reflect this.

As this is a reduction to our criteria it has been put into effect immediately.

Thursday, May 20, 2004:

Important Criteria Change Notice

We provide fantastic premium quality dreamweaver templates at Vooweb.com dreamweaver templates Dreamweaver templates are designed to manage websites that share a common structure and appearance throughout their pages.

We have made a change to our Criteria that eliminates a previous DSQ. The previous statement read "No actual copyright statement - something more than "Copyright © 2001-2004 OTR Web Systems All rights Reserved" See our top menu bar for an example." We have now added "This will NOT result in a DSQ but in a notice suggesting you amend your site." Our reasons for this are that if we find that there is a copyright infringement the site would be DSQ regardless. Quality sites were being DSQ'd needlessly due to the lack of this statement. It is NOT that we do not agree with the use of the full copyright statement, and in fact will continue to encourage the use of a full statement; it is just that we will no longer DSQ a site if it does not have a full written statement. Taking into consideration that this is a reduction of the criteria we are putting this into effect immediately and will review all sites that were DSQ'd in the previous 6 months and if that was the only reason for the DSQ will re-evaluate the site.

Sunday, May 16, 2004:

We are pleased to release our re-design of the VSDA website! After many hours of hard and diligent work Igor Marinkovic, one of our official evaluators, has completed the task of taking the 120+ pages of this website from a frames environment and MS FrontPage into the current non-frames solution. The work was accomplished with a lot of hand coding by Igor and the use of Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX.

Thank you Igor for all of your hard work; it is very much appreciated! Igor is currently working on bringing our new Flash Awards online and we expect an announcement on that in the next few months.

Finally our new AP software is ready to go into production testing and over the next few days we will be implementing into this website. This is an exciting new development and will make all of our lives in the AP a lot simpler.

Friday, February 27, 2004:

Two exciting new developments are taking place at VSDA - we are well into the development of our automated system for the web award program. This is far more than just a bit of java script and has entailed many weeks of programming time, but the results will be worth the effort and time spent. With the automated system you will be able to track the status of your award application and receive email updates as to your application also. The purpose of the new system is three fold, to reduce the administrative time spent, to speed the application process and to keep you better informed. Before an award is issued it will ALWAYS be evaluated by at least two of our certified evaluators...that is one process that will not be automated!

Stay tuned for our all new web Flash Awards program that is being developed in house. You will notice the new piece of flash that has been added to the entrance page; well there are more to come and a whole new set of awards to be won. We are hard at work to take the existing website out of frames and to present the new website with the new flash awards program. Keep coming back, there are great new things happening at VSDA!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004:

VSDA has this past week awarded to:

"Robatelie" our 2004 VSD Silver Award for excellence. It was a pleasure to view your site and to review the excellent content. We see many sites during the course of a month and it is always a pleasure to see one where we can issue an award.

Igor Marinkovic we are pleased to award your website "Nick Danilov - The Artist Portfolio" our 2004 Gold Award for overall design excellence. It was a delight to view your site and to review the excellent content and images. This is a first class creation and well deserving of our gold award.

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