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Webmaster Tips:


Group box:

Nice design element, you can change the colour of the border and heading text and put anything in to it, good for highlighting certain elements of your site.


Put in your text, images, form components, any thing you wish.


Handy for scrolling news, any text that you need in a confined space, you can change the colour of text and border.

Put your text here Put your text here Put your text here Put your text here Put your text here Put your text here..............

We provide fantastic premium quality dreamweaver templates at dreamweaver templates Dreamweaver templates are designed to manage websites that share a common structure and appearance throughout their pages.

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Automatically updates when you save your web page. 

Alt and Title tags:

Alt tags are used for graphics; when a viewer hovers their mouse over an image you let them know more about your graphics or a more in-depth explanation about a link. It is important to note that not all of your visitors are able to see your graphics. Use of this tag will help the visually impaired understand more about your site. The Title tag is similar in the way that it works on text links. OTR believes that every webmaster should use both of these tags. They also help screen readers such as (Jaws for Windows) which is used for the visually impaired. You can see how we have used these tags on the right.

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Alt tag for graphics

Title tag for text links



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