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Award Indices

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Award Sites!
Guide to rated website awards in levels and themes, best sites in Halls of Recognition, USA patriotic sites, free resources, articles, libraries, and Assembly forum.
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United Web Site Award Givers
UWSAG's rating levels are not an indication of an award's popularity, or of how many people have received your award. UWSAG strives to give value and achievement to the award giver/seeker. As an award giver and/or webmaster you play a vital role in making the overall internet experience better.
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Indexing your Award Programs as blue blood of Internet, award resources, Royal Award University, apply for quality awards, make your own Award Program.
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Olymp Award Index
The Olymp Award Index isto everybody. We welcome the new award programs as well as the experienced programs. Any qualified applicant can achive a rating between 1 and 6. Level 1 being the Beginner and Level 6 being the Expert!
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International Web Award Rating Association
The Purpose of establishing this Association is to bring back Quality, Dignity and Fairness to the rating of Award Programs by providing you with your point values, in the areas listed in our General Criteria, so you will know your weakest areas. This will help you to be able to know which areas to work on so you may obtain a higher rating within our program when you apply for an upgrade.


Non-Rating Award Indices:

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Awards Awards
Visit for awards. - The World's Largest Web Directory for Award Pages, a great resource for award seekers, including the TOP TEN most awarded personal homepages.
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Website Awards Worksheet
Home of the Superb! Awards and Website Awards Worksheet, a free resource that helps you apply for Web awards to over 500 Award Sites around the world and track your activities!
Image:  Green arrow bullet Treasures of the Web
An online listing of Award Programs, both AS! Rated and Non-Rated.
Image:  Green arrow bullet Window Replacement Guide
An online guide to window costs and prices - plus a design marvel - for design in wordpress that we really took inspiration from.Have a browse from their homepage or see the kinro windows inner page as example.


Other Resources:

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Association for Positive Ethical eXchange
APEX exists to promote the ethical exchange of all ideas, goods or services where the internet is used for the exchange. We do this with education and resources where possible and arbitration where necessary.
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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C is a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding.
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Website Evaluators Code of Ethics
We are an organization of Webmasters that offer Website Awards and we support the concept that Website Award programs with serious criteria should themselves be compliant with that criteria and the fair issuance of their awards.
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Bobby WorldWide
Bobby is a web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities.
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Web Awards Community online media press kit.
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Futher Web Awards for trades related sites From Online opinion .For Independent advice on energy efficient home heating, make a free enquiry and get free boiler quotes
  Home improvement websites to find better pricing options on all popular home remodeling & decorating projects . 


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