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Vision Site Design Award
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Web Award Process:


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First you should read the Criteria (click on Apply on the top navigation bar) and from there you take the Self Test which will direct you to the application itself. There is no other direct route to the application.

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After you fill out the application form you will have the option to take a Nominees badge with you.

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When we receive your application we will take a look at it to be sure that you have completed the application correct (if not, the application will be deleted) and you will be notified.

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When we have received your application the system will send you an email with your status URL and code.

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Next we will make the first visit to your site to see if it contains anything at first view that would disqualify your application.
Image:  Red arrow bullet Your site will be inspected and evaluated regarding all aspects of the VSDA Criteria and Scoring.
Image:  Red arrow bullet Your site will be visited a total of 3 or more times until we are satisfied that we have come to the correct decision on your site.
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When we have fully investigated your website (this may take 3 or 4 weeks) you will receive an e-mail which will specify if you have won an award. This e-mail includes the evaluators comments and the link to your Award graphic if your site earned one.
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The winners will be added to the appropriate winners list. All winners will be listed with a site description and a link to their sites.


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