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Your Evaluators:


Ian - Calgary, AB Canada - Program Manager and Official Evaluator

Ian Conklin is the owner and founder of the OTR Group of Companies which include web design, ecommerce solutions, print design and layout, web hosting services and SEO. Ian has been a businessman for almost all of his years and spent the most of that time in the transportation industry as a fleet owner with trucks operating throughout North America. In 2000 after 4 years of travel and semi retirement Ian started a new business in web design. Since then his company has built many award winning websites for clients around the world and he has a group of world class web designers and software programmers in his company. Ian specialises in SEO services for the companies clients.

AS!4.0 / UWSAG 3+ / WA 9.5* Noble / OAI 4.0 / EAI Level 4/ IWARA 4.0/ EUTODA 4 TEAM (M, CE, AM, P) / Certified Evaluator / CEM/CEMA Member

The personal stuff:

Ian resides in Calgary AB where he moved in March of 2003 to be closer to his children and grandchildren...all of which he adores and were the reason for his move from Vancouver and its MILD climate. Each winter day as he shovels snow he asks himself again why he made the move and then he hears "gwandpa" and knows why!

Ian Conklin - Program Manager and Webmaster

OTR Web Systems


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Image: Photo of Ian  Conklin

Image: Ian Conklin VSDA Official Evaluator.

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We the Award Masters of TEAM, do hereby pledge that we will provide all award applicants with positive feedback on each evaluation including those who are disqualified.


Igor - Serbia - Official Evaluator

A native of Belgrade, Serbia Igor graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in The Department of Painting. He showcased his work at individual exhibitions in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), Ciudad Bolivar (Venezuela) and Salzburg (Austria). /Mozart was born there!/. Throughout June and July of 1985 he was engaged in the completion of the monumental mural decorating the facade of the hotel building in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela /go see it if you want!/.
In 1999 he began his new adventure - digital art & web design. He works with animation, interaction, sound and all kinds of digital media.

Note from Ian: Igor was the designer of one of our first Design Supreme Award website winners and his site was so good and technically excellent I quickly grabbed him for our award program!

The personal stuff:

Igor is happily married to Vera. They love to spend their free time together hiking somewhere in the mountains. Igor is a passionate mountain bike rider and adrenalin addict.

Igor Marinkovic - Webmaster Designer

Ignis Fatuus Web Design


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Image: Photo of Igor Marinkovic

Image: Igor Marinkovic VSDA Official Evaluator.



Lynda - Australia - Guest Evaluator

Lynda is an IT Trainer living in Queensland Australia and is the owner of  "Valkyrie Awards" (Rated 4.0 with Award Sites!) and "Poetic Visions". She is employed as a Trainer specializing in the training of the elderly and disabled. As well as training, Lynda works part time as a computer consultant for various local companies. Her hobbies include web page designing, surfing the net, maintaining her web sites, politics, writing short stories for children, writing poetry and playing the piano. She is a Senior Evaluator with "ONZCDA™" and also works in a similar capacity for "Peacework Certified Sites"

Lynda Valkyrie - Webmaster Designer

Valkyrie Awards


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Button: Lynda Valkyrie VSDA Guest Evaluator Lynda Valkyrie, from Valkyrie Awards. (External Link)


Marianne - United States - Official Evaluator

I have been interested in web design and digital art since 1997 when I first delved into the www. It was then that I decided I had to be a part of the internet and all it has to offer. I studied web design for a short time, only to discover that graphics and digital art interested me more. After years of working in the legal field, I decided to become a ‘stay-at-home-mother’ to my youngest son, and web graphics soon became a passion for me.

Note from Ian. Marianne was the designer of one of our Gold Award website winners. Her design skills are self evident and we are very pleased to have her a part of our team.

The personal stuff:

I am the proud wife of a United States Sailor, a mother of 3 children and currently reside in Pennsylvania. In my spare time, I do custom work from building websites to designing logos for both commercial and personal use.

~ Marianne ~ Webmaster Designer

MDH Designs


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Image: Photo of Marianne and her youngest son Jacob

Image: Marianne VSDA Official Evaluator.


Sandra - From: Green Bay--Wisconsin--USA - Official Evaluator

I have worked with many types of computers before they even were made available and used by the general public. I may not be the greatest professional at this but; I do know my way around computers and know what I like to see in a site. Poetry, art and music are the fields in which my interest rests in my spare time.
In the past I have had the great honor to hold the position of Bayport Art Club President for four consecutive years. I have been honored for my work with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the past and enjoy seeing young people use their potential to be the best that they can be. I have helped many people on the web with graphics and award programs and have met many terrific people along the way. I no longer have the time to do graphics for others, but, it was a very rewarding feeling to be of help to others when they needed it.
Experienced in the following areas:
Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Award Designing, Animation Design, Poetry, Art and Music

Sandra Gerbers

Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program

Webmaster/Evaluator of Fun Tyme Entertainment

Co-Founder/Evaluator of the Ethics Pledge Program

Co-Founder/Webmaster/Evaluator of I.W.A.R.A. The International Web Award Rating Association

Evaluator for the Lynx Award Program

WebsAwards C.O.I.R.A.

Button: Co-Founder/Webmaster/Evaluator of I.W.A.R.A. - The International Web Award Rating Association
Button: Member of Web Design & Developers Association

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Image: Photo of Sandra Gerbers

Image: Sandra Gerbers VSDA Official Evaluator.

Button: TOTW Certified Evaluator

Button: Co-Founder/Evaluator of the Ethics Pledge Program

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Jesse - California - United States - Official Evaluator

I have been designing websites and graphics since the late 90’s. I was raised by two loving and wonderful grown up hippies and resided in northern California until I graduated high school. I then sought my BA in Art Studio at the University of California Santa Barbara, and, after a long and sweet five and a half years of hard work, finally graduated. I have been living in Santa Barbara ever since, and have enjoyed every minute of it. My “serious” job consists of being the webmaster at a local marketing and distributing company. I am also co-designer of Airtight Internet Services with my father, based in northern California. During my spare time, I am busy doing freelance web design and graphic design for my clients and friends, as well as hands on arts and craft, hiking, camping, swimming, and fostering my green thumb for plant life to be greener. I am living happily in love with my girlfriend of four years, and we are making a move back to northern California to be close to family and hopefully expand the father/son web design business. I have loved life thus far, and have worked hard and played hard to get where I am (with some help from family and friends). That is the only way to do it.

Jesse Dudan – Webmaster Designer

Webmaster/Graphic Designer: nov8
Webmaster: Airtight Internet Services

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Image: Photo of Jesse Dudan

Image: Jesse Dudan VSDA Official Evaluator.


John Wilkins - South Carolina - USA

I am a healthcare professional in the USA. I have worked with computers for the 10 years. I am selft taught in what basics I know about webpage design and computers, striving to learn the new tecniques in what little spare time I have.
I have four websites which I built and maintain, all of which include award programs.
The Lynx Award program, IWARA Elite 5+, AS 4, OAI 4, WA3, PAI which I established in 1997 , was one of the first Stand alone Award Programs on the internet.
I am also the webmaster and owner of :
Seasons of Change Award Program, AS 3, IWARA Elite 5+
StormKeeper Award Program, AS 3, IWARA Level 4
Southern Nytes Award Program, AS 3.5, IWARA Elite 5+
Webmaster, Co-Founder, Evaluator Ehtics Pledge Program
Co-Founder, Evaluator IWARA
Evaluator WebsAwards

My hobbies are my webpages and Award Programs and my fish aquariums. Work is not a hobby but a necessity, and is where I spend the majority of my time.

John Wilkins – Webmaster Designer

Lynx Award, AS-4 / IWARA-Elite 5+ / WA-3 / OAI-4 / PAI-4 / AOFA-3


The Lynx Award
Co-Founder, Evaluator IWARA
Evaluator WebsAwards


Image: John Wilkins VSDA Official Evaluator.

TOTW Certified Evaluator

We the Award Masters of TEAM, do hereby pledge that we will provide all award applicants with positive feedback on each evaluation including those who are disqualified.

Webmaster, Co-Founder, Evaluator Ehtics Pledge Program

Seasons of Change


Desi - Australia

From making cookie-cutter web pages with animated GIFs all over, Desi has quickly refined his web design skills to match his taste for minimalism. He is a strong advocate of the practicality and usefulness of 'classic' web languages like HTML and CSS, and likes to test websites in an "Xtreme" manner, putting them under a range of client-side stresses to make sure that they are usable and accessible for all.

Desi lives at, where he bemoans the state of the world while doing nothing to change it.

Desi Quintans - Webmaster Designer



Image:  Desi Quintans VSDA Criteria Evaluator.


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