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Vision Site Design Award
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Web Design Awards the Criteria:

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Please read our Web Design Award criteria carefully because this is the route you follow to the application itself. It is our intention to present our criterion as clearly as possible to aid you in making a better web presentation. The purpose of our awards program is not just to issue or not issue awards, it is to make your website better and through that the Internet as a whole a better place.

Before we go through the aspects of a website that we like to see there are a limited few sites that we do not want to view. While we respect the rights of people to produce such sites please respect our desire not to review them.


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There are NO CIRCUMSTANCES where we will issue a Web Design Award or evaluate a website that contains Adult and/or any sexually explicit material or that contains any hate messages or that participates in or promotes any illegal activity such as warez etc. We will review only family safe sites.


If you are serious about winning one of our awards then take the time to read the criteria pages from the two links below.

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Did you know the number one reason for a DSQ is not having a Privacy Statement on your site?

Final Note

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The VSDA awards are an overall web design award. We are looking for distinction in content, navigation and technical expertise combined with excellence in design that incorporates good clean layout and where the designer does not centre all the text and graphics. Try to place content in tables justifying text where you can. It will make your site more pleasing to the eye and more professional. Good use of colours is a must as are well designed and optimised graphics and appropriate use of flash. We will be looking at all aspects of design and you will gain significant points in this area.
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Now that you have read what we are looking for within a site and what will disqualify a site and still feel that your site will meet our criteria, then proceed to the Self Test by clicking on the NEXT button below.

Did you know the number two reason for a DSQ is lack of alt tags on your images?

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