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~ Main Credits ~

We provide fantastic premium quality dreamweaver templates at dreamweaver templates Dreamweaver templates are designed to manage websites that share a common structure and appearance throughout their pages.

This page has been provided to show the sincere gratitude of Ian Conklin for the help and dedication that the persons
and web sites listed below have given over the time this award program has been active.

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First on the list of people to thank is the original creator and manager of this Award Program Mr. Cliff Ewing. It was the tireless work and dedication of Cliff that made this AP what it is today. When the program became too much for Cliff due to time and health constraints, Cliff had the wisdom to pass the site on and we at OTR Web Systems have been pleased to carry on the program that Cliff was instrumental in developing. Most graphics on this website were designed and created by Cliff Ewing in the UK.

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The Flash on the home page and the complete remake of the website to take it out of the frames environment was completed in its entirety by my good friend Igor Marinkovic of Ignis Fatuus and OTR Web Systems. There are over 120 pages in this Award Program and the dedication and technical expertise of Igor was and is vital to the continuation of this AP. Igor is also one of our permanent evaluators and to receive an award recommendation from him is indeed an honour.

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I would like to thank Lynda from Valkyrie's Awards for being here as a guest evaluator and who has proven to be a good friend with her constant support when needed. Lynda has also been a great help with the development of the new Award Program software that we have been developing and her help has been invaluable.

Image: Green arrow bullet I would like to thank Jerry from the The Smokin' Awards for the use of his AwardStat utility script - it certainly saves a lot of time and hassle.

~ Misc Credits ~

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SiteRing And Stats: Bravenet

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Java Scripts: Dynamic Drive, JavaScript Source, Only Scripts - The Javascript, CGI, PHP, ASP resource

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Server Host: Website Hosting Canada

~ Software Used Credits ~

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Macromedia Fireworks MX: Macromedia Fireworks

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Macromedia Flash MX: Macromedia Flash

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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX: Macromedia Dreamweaver

Image: Green arrow bullet Adobe Photoshop 7: Adobe Photoshop


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