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Tips on Winning Web Awards...

There are lots of award programs out there, for the webmaster who wishes recognition for their hard and often time consuming work. Whether you wish to win our awards or not the tips below will hopefully help you on your way to achieving your goal.

First of all why do you what to win awards?

If you just want a cool looking award to show off with, there are several awards available that are yours for the asking, they don't even visit your site all they ask is you link it back to them.

If you’re serious about your site and want to improve it, then you'll want to apply for serious awards. They are difficult to win but with hard work on your part you can; and winning these awards will really mean something that you can be proud of.

Is your site ready to be evaluated?

We provide fantastic premium quality design templates as shown at with thier  rotaire dryline cover design templates are designed to manage websites that share a common structure and appearance throughout their pages.


Double check your spelling and grammar and punctuation on every page; most of the award programs are very strict about this. Have you checked your site in more than one browser and resolution, do all links work, do you have any missing graphics. Make certain you check all these, be assured they will be, by the award sites and you will lose points or even some will disqualify your site, if it’s that bad. Background music, have you a way of turning it off, do you really need it, did you know it slows your download time on pages. Do not use profanity, not only does it show your mentality, it's offensive to most people. I have seen many sites full of it that I have evaluated and promptly disqualified them as will most serious award programs. Do you have copyrighted text or graphics, which do not belong to you, do you have permission to use them, and have you give them credit for their work. Most serious award programs will check for this and will take a very dim view if they find anything that is not yours and you don't give proper credit for it.

Some more examples of premium quality design templates are shown with their elegantly designed inner page example of  government funded solar panels and these design templates are designed to manage websites that share a common structure and appearance throughout their pages.


Read the criteria of the award before you apply.

This is a must, not only so you know exactly what the program owner is looking for, you might not even qualify for their award i.e. they may only evaluate sites that have personal, commercial, specific language or a particular theme. Also some programs have hidden passwords you need to add to your application to insure you have read the criteria, so you or the AP owner do not waste each others time. I strongly recommend that you do so, it's not a lot to ask for in return for the time and dedication we put into our Award Programs. Many owners will disqualify you site if you are found not to have read the rules of entry.

Thank the evaluator for your award.

Besides being a courteous thing to do, it's mark of respect for the time it takes to evaluate your site; remember we don't charge you for this service, we give up our spare time to help you improve your site. Also we have no way of knowing that you have received your award if you don't reply to our e-mail.

Don't be disappointed.

Please don't feel that you've failed if you don't receive an award, it doesn't mean that you have a bad site just means you need to do some more work on it, consider the experience as a step forward to achieving the site of your dreams. Each application you make will give you the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your goals.

I hope this helps you in some way, good luck in achieving your goals.

These tips are our opinion and of course we cannot speak for other Awards Program owners.



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